Pegasus House

Sustainable low energy house

Location : Pegasus
Year : 2016
House : 273m2
Site : 2071m2

This smart low energy house sits lightly on the landscape and incorporates several courtyard spaces which offer shelter from the prevailing winds and allow the client to enjoy the golf vistas. Cleverly designed overhangs offer appropriate shading in the summer while the full height glazing allows entry of low level winter sun.

Pegasus House - 232A0915

The design response was to the client-referenced rural houses set in Canada where they had spent many years before returning to their native New Zealand.
Characterised as much by its use of natural materials and an abundance of natural light as by its size, the contemporary design has embraced sustainable construction methods and extensive use of materials such as FSC approved sources of timber that offer resilience and longevity.

Pegasus House - 232A0918