Hills House

Compact and energy efficient

Location : Edgeware, Christchurch.
Year : 2015
House : 140m2
Site : 440m2

A compact and energy efficient house permeated by a sense of luxury in spite of its size the Hills Road house demonstrates contemporary style and clean, sophisticated lines on a narrow 465m2 section of TC3 land in Edgeware, Christchurch. The design utilises a number of natural materials in the construction including cedar and ply, with FSC approved sources of timber and other products offering resilience and longevity. Design details such as full height glazing offer energy efficiency and warmth.

Hills DwellDay-8

The exterior is clad with a mix of durable complementary materials including Shadowclad and cedar and is integral to the design. Structural dimensions are specifically tailored to correspond with those of the Shadowclad sheet sizes thus addressing concerns of the environmental footprint by minimising waste and reducing construction time. The unique, fully flexible design is site-specific and oriented to maximize passive solar gain for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Refined interior spaces offer tactile appeal within a neutral colour palette and are a natural response to the use of timber as the dominant material.
The design principles and combination of products together with high-quality building systems and construction methods produce an eco-sensitive box form structure with a distinctive façade. A unique girder truss design eliminates the need for structural steel further benefitting the design.

Hills DwellDay-10
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